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27 April, 2016

Cup Finals This Week at Holmes Park

Wednesday 27th April 2016 - Kick Off 7pm

Lines Keogh United take on FC Britannia in the President's Cup Final - This game is sure to be a cracking spectacle as both of the sides have been scoring for fun this season.

Sunday 1st May 2016 - Kick off 10:30am

Last weekend's victors in the Chairman's Cup Final Anstey Sports Bar take on the might of the current League Cup holders Creation Builders in the Rileys Sports Bar League Cup Final.

£3.00 Entry and £1.50 Concessions  

Match Report 20th April 2016

Anstey Sports Bar and Park Rise played each other in their first league match of the season. It was only a week ago these two teams faced each other in the Sunday Vase final with Anstey taking the win. Unfortunately for Park Rise, Anstey were not settling for a 1 nil win and managed to concede 7 goals to nil. Bradley Cockerill-Mollett, Joe Hartopp netted each with Nathan Dale scoring 2 and James Hicks claiming a hat-trick. Anstey 7 Park Rise 0.

Ratby Sports Sunday lost their game against Western Park in the mid week game. Western Parks Samuel Jayes and Joshua Mills netted keeping it a clean sheet. Ratby 0 Western Park 2.
With 9 goals to 1, Monsell Club Wasps Reserves were on fire. 5 goal scorers sharing the goals against their match with DYP. Haydon Hawes, Aaron March, Jamie Bloxham and Ricky Borszowski all netted 2 with John Unwin adding.

Last game in division 2 saw FC Fosse beat Verdon Athletic 2-0. Matthew Riley and Richard White hit the back of the net, keeping the game strong to avoid Verdon scoring.

Leicester Bharat  played Lines Keogh United and the game was a close one with a goals difference between the two teams. The game ended 5-4 to Bharat with goals from Scott Gallacher, Jamie Mills and of course a hat-trick from their star goal scorer Connor Murch. LK goal scorers were Leon Coleman, Craig Sutton and Danny Concannon with 2.

Forest Park and Syston Rangers gave each other in this league game but it was Syston who claimed the victory with a 7-3 win. Unlucky for Forest Park although good efforts were  shown by Daniel Bains and Jake Williams who netted twice. Syston's Mitchell Donnelly bagged a hat-trick with Sean Daisly, Steven Mitchell, Tyler Gibson and Sean Warrilow making it 7.

Creation Builders beat IQRA 8-1 with Jake Duffy and Reece Lydon both scoring a hat-trick and Shaun Barber  who netted 2 for Creation. Jordan Owen scored for IQRA. End score Creation 8 IQRA 1.

Report by Melissa Sharman

Match Reports for 12th, 13th and 17th April 2016

Tuesday 12th April

Tuesday evening Anstey Sports Bar and Park Rise faced each other in the County Cup final at Holmes Park. It was a fantastic game with both teams giving it their all. Anstey scored the winning goal in the 88th minute. Both teams deserved the win with their outstanding performance. Anstey Sports Bar 1 Park Rise 0.

Creation Builders and Frolesworth United will face each other in the semi finals of the Champions Cup. A great outcome for both teams and a fantastic opportunity for the lads involved. As a league we are extremely proud of the success of the teams so far this season.

Wednesday 13th April

Keepers Lodge played Leicester Bharat mid-week in their league game to claim 3 points. Darren Wheeler scored 2 for Keepers Lodge along with Luke Holyoake, Martin Hughes and Jack Smith to add to the score sheet. Leicester Bharat scored 2 goals also thanks to Kieran McCabe and Kiran Patel. The Keepers Lodge 5 to Leicester Bharat 2.

Syston Rangers and Forest Park played each other in division 1. Syston were the one to take the win with goals from Shawn Bethell, sub Joe Hill and Sean Warrilow netting 2. Forest Parks Rhys Kimberly hit the back of the net bit it wasn't enough. Syston 4 Forest Park 1.

Lines Keogh beat Spinney Rovers also 4 goals to 1. Lk seem to be on fire at the min and they clearly aren't backing down in the league or Cup games. Unlucky for Spinney and their goal scorer Mccauley Bott. Lk's goal scorers Leon Coleman 2, Danny Concannon and Bradley Terrell.

Palmerston Athletic beat Ballpark Nirvana in this mid-week game and they beat them 4-1. Abdirahman Diriye netted for Ballpark. Zak Ginvert smashed a hat-trick and Ross Taylor-Knoll added.

Last in the mid-week games were FC Britannia and Buddha. Ashley Harris and Ricky Ludlam gave Britannia the win against Buddha with the end result ending 2-1 to Britannia.

Sunday 17th April

Verdon Athletic played AJ this Sunday   and we're unfortunate to lose 3 goals to 2. Luke Garratt and Stefan Green netted for Verdon. Gary Warren for AJ bagged a hat-trick. Verdon 2 AJ 3.
Monsell Club  Wasps Reserves beat Brookside this Sunday with 5 goals to 1. Ricky Borszowski claimed a hat-trick whilst his brother Grant Borszowski also netted, along with, Aaron March. Denon Talbot  scored for  Brookside.

Fleckney Athletic played Park Rise and were winning 2-0 within the first 20 mins of the game all thanks to Callum Steer and Matthew Vaughan. Park Rise pulled it back, banging in 6 goals. On his second game, Luke Higgins netted a hat-trick, Ashley Wright scored 2 and Kieran Thompson also added. Fleckney 2 Park Rise 6.

DYP faced Ratby Sports Sunday in this league game but failed to claim the win. Ratby Sports goal scorers were Jack Crisp with a hat-trick, Ian Lang and Connor Murray. DYP 3 Ratby Sports 5.

Anstey Sports Bar smashed Fc Fosse this Sunday, 6-1. Robert Mant showed good efforts for Fc Fosse but unluckily for them it's all they managed. Joe Hartopp netted a hat-trick with Joe Barnes, Bradley Cockerill-Mollett and Declan Sutton adding to make 6.

Connor Bott, Christopher Bownes, David Wells and David Wilson bagged the win for Spinney Rovers against Palmerstone. A great 3 points for Spinney. Palmerstone's goal scorer was Andrew Culver who netted both goals. Spinney 4 Palmerstone 2.

Lk United on fire again in their second league game in a week beating Bharat 7-2. However Connor Murch for Bharat still seems to be adding to his rising score sheet, scoring both goals for Bharat. Leon Coleman and Danny Concannon both smashed a hat-trick with Nathan Farle adding for LK.

Fc Britannia smashed Keepers Lodge 12-0. Another team that seem to be on the ball, literally. Ashley Harris netted 4, Anthony Ward scored a hat-trick, Ricky Ludlam bagged 2 with David Hearne, Simon Moore Denis Tomashevskij all adding.

Buddha faced Syston Rangers failing to beat them. Dorel Viorel netted for Buddha but it wasn't enough, not against Sean Warrilow's 5 goals, with Mitchell Donnelly also scoring to make it 6. Buddha 1 Syston 6.

Ballpark's Jake Tomlinson was on fire this Sunday scoring 6 goals, winning the game against Forest Park. However, Forest Park did score 4 goals. End result Ballpark 6 Forest Park 4.

Monsell Club Wasps were unfortunate to lose against Creation Builders in this league game. Monsell Club Wasps 0 Creation Builders 2.

Report by Melissa Sharman

06 April, 2016

Match Report 3rd April 2016

Blue Whale Logistics Presidents Cup
LK played Palmerston in the next round of the Presidents Cup this Sunday and LK did it again knocking Palmerston out of the Cup.  Half time saw LK 4-1 up. Goals from Leon Coleman, Scott Doutre, Mark Foster and Nathan Earle who smashed a hat-trick for LK. Palmerston goal scorers Andrew Culver and Zak Ginvert. LK 6 Palmerston 2.

Fc Britannia played Ballpark Nirvana in the Presidents Cup and they beat them 6-1. A fantastic game for Britannia and a well played unfortunate loss for Ballpark. Britannia's goal scorers were Ashley Harris, Ricky Ludlam, Lee Millins, Denis Tomashevskij and Anthony Ward who claimed 2. Azan Ghanchi netted for Ballpark. Final score Ballpark 1 Britannia 6.

Division 2
Verdon Athletic and Brookside  played each other in the league to fight for the 3 points. Brookside claimed those with a 4-3 win. Goals from Ryan Carter, Nick Lunn, Denon Talbot and Matthew Yates. For Verdon Luke Garratt and Luke McManus netted 2.

Ratby Sports were unable to score in the game against Anstey Sports to claim 3 points for their league. Joseph Hopewell, Reese Medway, Mathew Nethercote, Declan Sutton, Warren James and sub Joe Hartopp all netted for Anstey. Ratby 0 Anstey 6.

Monsell Club Wasps Reserves beat AJ 6-2 this Sunday. Half time Wasps were 3-1 up and didn't fail to keep going. Unlucky loss for AJ. Gary Warren and Connor Woolman netted for AJ. Brothers Grant and Ricky Borszowski both hit the back of the net, Ricky did twice. As did Aaron Murch, leaving room for Stephen Pridmore to add.

Last in Division 2, Fc Fosse smashed DYP out of the park with their epic 12 goals to DYP'S 1. Darren Candy bagged 5, Richard White netted 4, Michael Stead 2 and Robert Mant added. DYP'S goal scorer was Michael Mulloney.

Division 1
Syston Rangers played Leicester Bharat this Sunday and put a holt on Bharat's winning streak. Syston 5 Bharat 2. Mitchell Donnelly netted 2, Sean Warrilow also netted 2 allowing Callum Hollis to score for Syston. Connor Murch scored again for Bharat still raising his score sheet along with Callum Conway who scored for Bharat.

Buddha beat Spinney 3-1 thanks to Joe Butcher-Smith, James Myers and Jack Slawson who all hit the back of the net for Buddha. Maccualey to Bott netted for Spinney but it wasn't enough. Great efforts from Spinney.

Keepers Lodge had a clean sheet against Forest Park beating them 4-0. A great 3 points earned for Keepers. Ashley Jones, Ryan Shilton and Darren Wheeler 2 all scoring.

Report by Melissa Sharman